Worship time is 11:00 am and lasts about an hour.  Sunday School starts after children’s time during service.

Following worship, fellowship time takes place in the basement of the church where coffee and tea are in generous supply as are some tidbits such as fruit, cookies, cheese, etc. This is a time for sharing with each other, listening to each other’s stories and getting updated on some happenings in the church community.

Dress at worship is casual and jeans are fine.  One of us sometimes brings his dog to church, and she walks around freely during the worship service.  Her name is Maria and she is very mellow.  Feel free to give her a pat on the head.  She has a sister at home named Martha so they are a special part of our church community although we do not encourage other dogs to be part of our Sunday morning service.

Visiting us on a Sunday morning you’ll find a church in a beautiful setting with views of Mt. Hood out our side windows.  There is also a large window at the front of the church with beautiful fir trees outside.  Even our stained glass windows were designed with Oregon plants and trees depicted on them along with biblical scenes.  We are a community growing in our conviction to take more seriously the care of God’s creation.  Our windows are leading the way!